Why would Kendall choose to marry Connor?

He's tall and he got a nice tan in 2013 that she hasn't forgotten.

Is Ginny coming to the wedding?


What should I wear?

Dress code is black-tie optional, fascinators encouraged.

Where is the event?

St. Peter's College, Oxford, UK.

What time does the ceremony start?

You can see the schedule of events here.

When should I fly in?

Before the full moon but after the summer solstice. (Or a day or two early to help with the jet lag.)

How do I get to Oxford/should I rent a car?

If you are coming from America, we suggest plane or boat. Travel suggestions are here.

Why did you choose a bleak rainy island for your destination wedding?

Kendall is still hoping to meet a British man.

Do I need to speak in a British accent throughout the wedding?


Is this a Harry Potter themed wedding?

Harry Potter is an Oxford themed book, so yes.

Can I bring a gift/do you have a registry?

No gifts please! You coming to England is a gift unto itself.

If you would very much like to give a gift, please consider a donation to St. Peter's College or City Dogs Rescue.

What airport should I fly into/what flight should I take?

See travel page.

What hotel should I stay in/ what accommodation should I book?

See accommodation page.

What activities will take place as part of the wedding?

See schedule of activities.

What meals will you feed me while I'm in Oxford?

You greedy goblin! See schedule of activities here.

What else is there to do around Oxford?


  • Visit Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill

  • Find Turf Tavern, the pub where Bill Clinton did not inhale

  • Drink at the Eagle & Child, the pub where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien would share book ideas

  • Tour Christ Church College which the Hogwarts dining hall was based on, tour New College where some Harry Potter movies were filmed and tour Magdalen College with its beautiful gardens

    • Almost every Oxford college is beautiful (except our nemesis, Teddy Hall). If you ask the Porters nicely, most colleges will let you in to take a look around.​

  • Run along the river to the Godstow Nunnery

  • Bring your school tie to the Bear Inn (Oxford's oldest pub) to drink for free

Why is St. Peter's not as nice as some of the other colleges?

Because Teddy Hall stole our honour and won't give it back.

Will this be a classy affair?


If I spill my drink do I need to drink out of my shoe?

Most certainly.

Will Kendall stay up past midnight at her own wedding?