We solemnly swear that we are up to no good...

Welcome to our private page for our best friends. We are so grateful that all of you are in our lives and we would love it if you could come to Oxford not just for the day of the wedding but also for a longer weekend (Thursday through Monday) to help us ring in our marriage!
Our plan is to put together "a weekend in the life of an Oxford student" so you can all enjoy the outrageous pleasures we had living in Oxford together. Get ready for rowing, punting, a Harry Potter tour, turtle races, crew dates, drinking, drinking and drinking some more.
We'd love it if you can all stay in the dorms with us and we will divide into "house teams" for a series of events.
Here is the info you need to know:

Sample Events


Who is Invited?

Parties are only as fun as the people who show up! Lucky for us our friends are the best in the world.
(We are keeping this weekend more intimate than the main event so our best friends can bond with each other.)
We will be staying in the St. Peter's College dorms and we would love it if you will too! Sign up to stay here.
College dorms only have single beds so if you are a couple, you may want to stay in a hotel near college. Our recommendations are here. (Or you can save room and snuggle in dorms.)


We anticipate asking everyone for a small amount to cover some food and activities. More information and a schedule of events to come once we have a headcount of attendees.
Teams & Points
Our plan is to hold a weekend-long house competition similar to the Hogwarts house system. The award will be epic and teams will be assigned closer to the event.
Ways to Earn Points
  • Harry Potter tour – best costumes, correctly answer trivia questions
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Marathon club – for all who show up
  • Union debate – winning team, best questions
  • Kendall/Connor trivia on oxford pubs tour
  • 1 point for every time you penny someone
  • Win at darts in the college bar
  • Win at ping pong
  • Win at snooker
  • Win turtle race
  • Win croquet
  • 1 point for every video of you shaking your fist and yelling “scum” at teddy hall
  • Random discretion of Connor and Kendall (like the Hogwarts Professors)
Ways to Lose Points
  • Random discretion of Kendall and Connor (like the Hogwarts Professors)
Please RSVP here. Text us if you can't make the weekend.