If you are British then you can probably figure this out yourself. Get it together.

If you are not British and just happen to be coming from London, we recommend taking the train from Paddington Station to Oxford. The train takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and you can check the schedule and buy tickets here: TrainLine. Buy in advance to save £££.

​Once you are at the Oxford Train station, walk 10 minutes to St. Peter's College. Directions here: Google Maps.


We recommend flying in to London Heathrow Airport or London Gatwick​ Airport. Swimming is also an option but if you want to arrive on time you should begin soon.

From the airport, you should hop on the "the airline" otherwise known as the Oxford Bus. The bus runs every 20-30 minutes. You can buy your ticket onboard with cash (pounds, euros or dollars), tap-to-pay or Apple/Android pay. The cost is £30 for a "return" (round-trip) ticket.

Once you are at Gloucester Green (the bus's final destination), walk 3 minutes to St. Peter's College. Directions here: Google Maps.

We recommend not renting a car. British people drive on the wrong side of the road (and Oxford streets are narrow).


  • The UK uses "tap-to-pay"/contactless for all credit card transactions (including getting on the Tube, getting on buses, etc.). If your credit card does not have this symbol:                      , you will want to set up Apple Pay or Android Pay to get around.

  • If you want to pay with cash, we recommend exchanging currency before leaving the US. Exchanging pounds at the airport is very expensive.

    • Many banks in the United States allow customers to purchase pounds. Call your local branch to learn more.

    • If you have Bank of America, you can withdraw pounds from Barclays without a fee. There is a Barclays on Corn Market Street right by St. Peter's College.

  • If you do not have international calling set up on your phone, don't worry about it. Stay on campus to find people and there is plenty of free wifi around town.